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    Palm trees can really enhance the look of an area giving that relaxed tropical feel and they really stand out from native australian trees which adds to the effect. When they grow tall they can really start to become a problem as foliage dropping from them can cause really damage to surrounding property as well as being extremely messy. Although they may not look as hard to cut down as some larger trees, you are always better off using a palm tree removal expert to do the work as the trunks are still heavy enough to cause serious damage and injury.

    If you have ever tried to cut down a palm tree on your own you will know how difficult this task is, as the trunk is usually sharp and spiky where the previous branches fell from, and the weight in the trunk much higher than you would expect.

    Shane’s Trees having been pruning and removing palm trees for over 35 years. Our team of fully qualified cert III arborists, full public liability insurance and unbeatable customer service and value make us the easy choice for your tree maintenance needs.

    Where space is on our side, our favored palm tree removal technique is to climb the tree using spikes and a harness. We use a handsaw to remove the lower branches and foliage then rope the chainsaw to the top and start cutting the tree down piece by piece. The pieces of trunk can be dropped to the ground if there are no surrounding structures or gardens that can be damaged, but if there is then we use a rope and pulley system to lower the pieces to the ground under control.

    Palm Tree Cleaning

    For palm tree cleaning our experienced tree climbers will ascend the tree with climbing spikes a harness and handsaw, paying particular attention to not damaging the trunk and leaving branch removal cuts as neat as possible.

    If you would like to get a palm tree removal quote, then leave your details in any of the contact forms or call or SMS us today.

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